These 5 Things To Do During Shaving, Will Look Handsome And Cool!


  • You can also look smart by changing small things.
  • During shaving some things can become smart by taking care of it.
  • Men should also take care of their skin!

The right to look beautiful is not just for women but men too. They should also take care of their skin so that they look handsome and attractive. However, it does not have to do much make-up like women. You can also look smart by just changing the small things. Today, we will tell you how to become smart by taking care of some things during shaving.

Pre-shaving oil

It is a type of oil that softens the hair of the beard and moisturizes the skin. This is to be done a few minutes before shaving.

shaving cream

If you have irritation after shaving, then you can use aloe-veera shaving cream. Those who have face faces can use such shaving cream, which contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid. This leaves the dead cells above the skin.

During shaving

To soften the hair of the beard, you should put shaving cream, leave it for 1 minute and fry it well. This will make hair and skin soft and easy to shave. When you buy shaving cream or gel then check that it is hypoallergic. This means there is no fragrance chemistry in it. Such creams are less likely to have skin irritation or rash.

the razor

Electric razors cause less damage to the skin than common razors. After shaving, apply Asterchchresh lotion and after that a moisturizer should be applied. By doing so the skin becomes soft and does not burn.


Moisturizer is very important for the skin because it maintains moisture in the skin so that the skin remains soft and smooth. The skin becomes dull after bathing with soap. And when you do shave, the upper cells of the skin are released, due to which the moisture content of the skin decreases.
Therefore, the moisturizer should always be used. When choosing a moisturizer, choose your type of skin friendly. People with dry skin need oily moisturizer, people with normal skin need moisturizing lotions.