These 10 Tips To Lean Men Go Gain Weight

  • Slowly try to increase weight, do not eat junk food and fast food.
  • Eat a bowl of beans daily, it contains 300 calories, with
  • nutritiousness.
  • By eating seasonal fruits such as melon and perfume, weight can increase rapidly.

Increasing weight and increasing the weight properly, both are quite different. If you have less weight and you want to grow it properly, then you have to try some effective measures for it. Most people fight with the challenge of losing weight. But, there are many people whose problem is the opposite.

The weight of these people is less according to the required parameters and they are needed to increase weight. But, this work is not so easy Increasing weight is a daunting task, and even hard work is needed for it. You can increase the weight with the help of some supplements, but its benefits are less and the losses are high. It is therefore necessary to adopt healthy methods to increase weight.

1- Do not have to stay at all times
The diet chart is also extremely important for weight gain. Include workout with balanced and healthy diet in your daily routine. In a few days you will begin to see the difference.

2- Protein and carbohydrate
Protein intake is important for weight gain, so add chicken, fish, egg, milk, almonds and peanuts to your diet. Apart from this, carbohydrate is also helpful in weight gain such as pasta, brown rice, oatmeal etc. Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables with all of them.

3- Banana is beneficial
The most effective and easy way to increase weight is banana consumption. Eat at least three bananas a day. Banana is also beneficial with milk or yogurt. Make breakfast with breakfast every morning – definitely milkshakes. The results will be in front of you throughout the month.

4- honey in milk
Honey balances weight. If your weight is high, honey helps in reducing it and if it is weight loss then it works to increase it. Eating a milk honey daily before or after breakfast can increase your weight. It also keeps your digestive power good.

5- Contact the doctor
Incomplete food, high intake of food, consuming less food and working harder than it is one of the reasons for weight loss. Apart from this, there is a long illness that can be due to diseases such as TB, cancer, hormonal imbalance and anorexia nervosa. So in this case, contact the doctor and get the appropriate advice.

6- Beans also beneficial
If you are vegetarian then you have no choice from beans. There is 300 calories in a bowl of beans. It does not only help in growing the weight but also helps in nutritious.

7- Melon is beneficial
Those who lose weight, doctors advise them to eat melons. Although this is seasonal fruit, but it also increases the weight by eating it faster. It also protects you from dehydration.

8- Milk with nuts
To increase the weight, dry the dry nuts in the morning or boil it in milk or drink it and drink it. The weight increases rapidly, especially with the consumption of hot milk with almonds, dates and figs. Eating raisins increases weight fast Regularly include 30 grams of raisins in your diet. You will feel the difference in your weight throughout the month by consuming it everyday.

9- Peanut Butter
Peanut butter contains good amount of monounsaturated fat. Not only does it help to increase weight, but it is also very tasty if you eat with toast and biscuits.

10- Exercise also needed
Exercise is equally important as a diet to increase weight. For this you can exercise like pull ups, swats, deadlifts etc. With the help of these exercises the activity of hormones increases and you feel hungry.