10 Practical Ways to Increase Self-Confidence

No one can deny that self-confidence is a very important quality to achieve success in life. You will see this quality in every person who has reached some point in life, whether it is a film star, a cricketer, a person in your neighborhood, or a teacher who teaches you. Confidence is one of the qualities that happens in everyone, someone in less and more in someone. But it is necessary to increase your present level of confidence to a new and improved level. And today I will share with you some similar things that can be helpful in increasing your self-confidence:

1.Improve Dressing sense:
How are you dress-up, its effect depends on your confidence. Let me tell that here I am talking about common people like myself, great men like Swami Vivekanand and Mahatma Gandhi have nothing to do with this, and if you come into this category then you too :).

I myself felt like this, when I am in my best attire, then my confidence increases automatically, that is why I am very well prepared whenever I have a presentation or interview. Actually looking good makes you confident to face people, and unlike them, you are very conscious about being poorly dressed.

2.Do those who are confident:
People around you will surely see who you think will feel confident that this person is very confident. Look at such people carefully and include some of their activities in your life. For example:

  • Sit on front seat.
  • Give Questions / Answers in Class, Seminars, and Other Opportunities
  • Pay attention to your walking and seating
  • Do not speak in a voice slaked
  • Eye contact, do not stare at sight.

3.Make better than most people in one thing:

Not everyone can become an expert in every field, but according to his interest, he can choose one or two areas in which he can become better than others. While I was in school, many students were good at studying me and other things, but I was the best in class in Geometry (thanks to Papa :)), and for this reason I was very confident. And today I feel confident by making my blog one of the world’s most read  blogs. If you master a thing, you will make it in-general confidence. You just have to pick something according to your interest and it will have to be the best in your circle, your circle depends on you, it can be your school, college, your colony or your city.

You can choose any field, it can be an art, music, dance, etc. There can be a game, a subject or something in which your expertise can separate you from the crowd and make your special place. . It is not so difficult, you will already be better than many in some or the other, just be a little harder and become an expert in it, it will take a little while, but when you do this, everyone will respect you and you will be much more feel confident

And the person who becomes special in any field, is not worried about having less knowledge in other areas, think only whether Sachin Tendulkar would be disturbed by the fact that he did not study much … never!

4.Remember your achievements:
Your past achievements will help you feel confident. These small-scale any achievements can be. For example: You have ever come first in class, have done school top in any subject, have done any singles in singing completion or sports, have achieved a big target, are employees of the month. Anything that makes you feel good

You can write these achievements in dairy, and you can see them, especially if you want to boost your confidence. The best way to do this is to make some images related to these achievements in your mind and add them to a small movie and keep playing in this mind from time to time. Definitely this will help boost your confidence.

5. Visualize that you are confident:
Your strong thinking goes astray, so think of yourself as a confident person every day. Anyone can imagine, as if you are standing at some stage giving a speech to thousands of people, or giving a fantastic presentation in any seminar hall, and everyone is impressed with you, complimenting you everywhere It is happening and people greet you by applause. Albert Einstein has also called imagination more powerful than knowledge; And you can do a great job by using this power.

6. Do not be afraid to make mistakes:
Do you know any person who has never made a mistake? Do not know, because it is a man’s nature to make mistakes, and I would say that even birth right also Use this right to you. Making a mistake is not wrong, it is wrong to repeat it. As long as you do not repeat the same mistake repeatedly, you do not make a mistake unless you make an effort and learn something from the experience that happens from it.

Friends, many times we have everything that we should be doing to do some work, but still fear of failure, we can not confidently do that work. Do not be scared of the fear of mistakes, they should be afraid that they do not even have the courage to try because of this fear !! Take a look at the history of the successful people, and see that many failures will be hidden in the chaos of their success.

7.Do not excuse knowing English for low confidence:
English is dominated by our country. I also consider the knowledge of English as necessary, but only because of its knowledge you can read many good books, blogs, etc, you can see more than one program, movies, etc. But is knowledge of this language necessary to be confident? No . Knowing English can make you even more confident, but it is not necessary to be confident. The purpose of any language is to express your thoughts in words, and if you can do the same work in another language, then you do not have the obligation to learn English.

I am from Gorakhpur, I have never heard of MP Yogi Aditya Nath speaking in English, but he has also seen little confidence in him like the leader of the Liberaz leader. Likewise, like Mayawati and Mulayam Singh, the confidence in the politicians is complete but they always use the Hindi language.

Friends, at some places such as the knowledge of English in the job-interview, it may be necessary for your selection, but not for confidence, you can become even the most confident person in the world without going to English.

8. Do something that reduces your self-confidence:
Some people do not feel confident because of some particular reason. As some people have stage-fear in them, then no one gets nervous in front of opposite sex. If you are also facing such a challenge then beat it The best way to beat and beat is to do the activity that nervous you so many times that it will become your strength. Make sure you try this effort, though some people may take lightly in the beginning and maybe even joke, but when you are constantly engaged in your efforts then those people will stand up for you and clap your hands.

One of the lines of Gandhiji has always inspired me very much. “First they will not pay attention to you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight with you, and then you will win.” Then you also let them ignore them, Let laugh, let’s fight, but in the end you win. Because you are here to win, not to lose.

9. Make special preparations for special occasions:

Whenever you have a chance to prove yourself before you, take full advantage of it. For example: You are participating in any debate, quiz, dance or singing competition, doing any exam or exam, or you are presenting a presentation, or organizing a program. For every such occasion, join the jeejan and just make sure that you have not kept any shortcomings in preparation, no matter what the result, no one can lift your finger on your preparation.

Preparation and self-confidence are directly proportional. The better preparedness will be as good self-confidence. And when you succeed because of this preparation, this victory will become a chapter in the success story of your life which you can read repeatedly and boost your confidence. Can.

10) Daily Complete your MIT:
A few days ago I had written about AKA on MIT i.e. Most Important Task, if you have not read it, then definitely be sure to read it. If you continue to meet your daily MIT, then surely your self-confidence will grow in a few days. Whenever you complete your MIT, look at it as a small success and give it a try for yourself. It is always the most effective way of boosting your confidence every day. You must definitely try it.

Friends, remember that your confidence does not depend on your education, your financial condition or your looks, and nobody can feel inferior to you without your permission. Your self-confidence is extremely important for your success, and today, whatever your level of confidence, with your efforts, you can reach it to new heights.

All the best!