10 Good Habits of Healthy Living

1.After coming home from outside, after handling an external object, before cooking, before eating, after eating and using the bathroom, wash hands thoroughly with soap. If someone in your house is there

2.Pay special attention to home cleaning, especially on kitchen and toilets. Do not allow water to be collected anywhere. Regularly clean the places like sink, wash basin etc. and use finill, floor cleaner etc.

3.Use fresh vegetables-fruits Keep in mind the storage of used spices, cereals and other materials in the right way and keep in mind the date on expiry date items.

4.Do not use too much oil, spices, backed and heavy meals. Cook the food at the right temperature and do not destroy the nutritious elements of vegetables etc. by cooking more. As well as using the oven

5.Make sure to use salad, curd, milk, porridge, green vegetables, whole lentils and cereals in food. Try that your plate includes ‘Variety of Food’. Use clean water to cook and drink.

6.Prioritize the use of unsaturated vegetable oil (such as soybean, sunflower, corn or olive oil) for cooking. Minimize the quantity of both sugar and salt in food. Junkfood, soft drink

7.Keep your rest or sleeping room clean, airy and open-open. Keep changing sheets, pillows and curtains, and throwing mattresses or mattresses from time to time.

8.Use meditation, yoga or meditation to increase concentration and to avoid stress.