Do not forget the 10 mistakes in the third month of pregnancy

During pregnancy, women need to keep walking and breathing every step. Especially if the matter is done in the third month of pregnancy, then women need special attention these days, because at this time the infant lying in the womb is the most vulnerable. If seen, the risk of miscarriage is also the highest of these days.

What are the symptoms during this?
During the third month of pregnancy, unheardable headache, sometimes visible eyesight, stomach swelling and severe pain may appear. Typically, these symptoms can also be due to the increase in blood pressure or high amounts of protein in urine, and these symptoms are often more in the 20th week of pregnancy.

However, the most important things in addition to all these things is that during this time women should take the following precautions, including the following

Avoid too much stroll

For the first three months of the month, women should stay with rest, i.e. should avoid jumping and jumping. Because, this can increase the risk of spotting, as well as abdominal pain and the risk of miscarriage. In such a situation, try to rest for these three months.

Do not eat hot food

Pregnant women are advised not only to stay away from the initial three months but for the entire nine months of summer producing diet. Especially fruits such as papaya, pineapple, or jackfruit should not be eaten. Because, there is a lot of vitamin C in it that can cause you to cause abortion. Apart from this, the advice of eating seafood is not given these days.

Do not wear underwear bra

The size of the breast increases significantly during pregnancy, so wearing underwear bra is not considered good. Even if it is a good choice of support, but it can harm the production of milk. It is better that you select the sports bra.

Do not stand too long

During this you should try that you do not stand for a long time. If you want to chop fruit or vegetables, then sit on the chair or work on the dining table or cut it in front of the TV. This will also give you the necessary relief and your work will also be done.

Did not go to high places

Often you must have seen in the houses that when some goods are placed at a distance or at a distance from you, you try to climb the stool or ladder and try to take the stuff. In this case, maybe your balance will get worse or you may not be as tight as before, and in this way you may be at risk of falling. Therefore, not only in the third month but also throughout the pregnancy, you should avoid doing such things.

Do not forget too heavy stuff

During pregnancy, do not forget the mistakes made by women, because it puts stress on your fetus. This can cause your abortion. Apart from this, constantly lifting up, lifting clothes and rubbing the floor to raise things spread on the floor, all insist on your back and stomach. In such a situation, avoid avoiding heavy lifting or heavy luggage these days.

Do not Exercise Massively

Avoid any heavy exercise during the third month of pregnancy because it can increase the pressure on your stomach or lower part. If you want you can do a light exercise, like walking. Do not do that even when you are tired or having trouble breathing. Also, take the advice of the doctor before doing any exercise.

Avoid Sex

If you do not have sex with your partner in the third month of pregnancy, it would be better. Because, if you used the wrong position it could be dangerous for your child. In such a situation, avoid making sex during the third month, especially in the meantime.

Do not consume antibiotics

Drugs that are not good for your health, then your efforts should be that you do not consume them. Because, it can affect your child’s development. In addition, when you are very much needed, take any medicine with the help of a doctor.

Do not eat smoking etc.

Smoking should not be consumed throughout the month of pregnancy because it hinders the physical and mental development of the child. In such a situation, do not forget about consuming it.