Daily consumption of these foods, periods will be normal

Today, we will tell you about some of the foods, which will eliminate all kinds of problems related to periods, and your periods will be normal.

Periods Normal Foods

Due to changing lifestyles and wrong eating habits, women often start having problems related to periods. In irregular periods, women’s periods take place once or twice a month, or once or twice a month. This problem can lead to many types of health problems in the future. But women often ignore irregular periods. But should take measures to avoid this problem. And if possible, natural treatment should be done. Today, we will tell you about some of the foods, which will eliminate all kinds of problems related to periods, and your periods will be normal.

Antioxidants present in celery raise blood circulation of the pelvic area. To normalize the periods, soak the little celery in water for some time. Now drink water.

The phenomenon called peepon in papaya increases estrogen hormone levels, which causes periods to normalize. So eat papaya every day or drink it and make a shake. Or eat raw papaya juice regularly for a few months. But do not do this during the periods.

Ginger gels are hot, making the body’s metabolism faster and the periods become normal. This is very good for removing periods and periods promoting periods or removing short-term problems. So eat ginger with honey. Or
Mix a little ginger in half cup and boil for 5-7 minutes. Then mix a little honey in it. After meals, take this mixture three times a day.

Pumpkin seeds
The zinc testosterone present in the pumpkin seed increases the hormone levels, so that the periods become regular. So eat half a spoon of pumpkin seeds 3 times a day.

Black mole
Black sesame teaser is quite hot, which works to increase blood circulation in the polk area. Eat 1 spoon black sesame in the morning each day
By helping with harmon balance, sesame seeds are very useful in regulating periods. Due to being full of lignanine, it helps to bind more hormones. Apart from this, there are also essential fatty acids that help promote hormones production.

Get Calcium Rich Food

During calcium periods, it is considered as BFF for girls, which is called bone-boosting mineral. Because, in one research, it has been revealed that the bone-boosting mineral reduces pain, cramps, etc. in the period. Not only this, calcium also helps you increase your mood and concentration. In such a way, you can consume milk, yogurt, cheese, almonds, broccoli etc. for calcium supply.

Fiber Co Incorporated

During the periods, your stomach remains a bit fuller than before, thus removing it by adding fiber rich foods to your diet. Because, it works to improve your digestion. In a fiber-rich diet, you can add almonds, apples, bins, blackberries, sweet potatoes, whole grains, etc.

Iron-rich diet

Bleeding occurs during the periods of a large amount. Due to the lack of hemoglobin in the body. Therefore, iron should be eaten at such times. Because, iron-rich diet where eliminates blood loss in the body, protects your body from being weak. You can eat red meat, poultry, meat, dry bean, veal and green leafy vegetables for an iron-rich diet.

dark chocolate

During this time women should eat chocolate. Because it acts as a hormone in a way, which is called serotin. Which also makes you feel good while controlling your mood too.

Do not Forget Vitamin D

In one research it has been found that due to deficiency of vitamin D in the body, the problem of Ereglier Periods can arise. Apart from this, with the increase in energy level from consuming vitamin D, it helps to get rid of the problem of sleep. In this case, for Vitamin D you can eat fish oil, pasteurized milk and egg yolks.