Skin diseases, skin allergies

There are many types of allergens. All such diseases are troublesome. If these diseases are not treated at the right time, the problem increases. There are some diseases of the skin such as those that occur at the place of excessive sweating, rash or itching. But chiefly of herpes, itch and leprosy is the main. They have other people afraid to sit. But there is no need to be so disturbed. Most of these diseases need to be kept clean. Otherwise it can spread itself on your own body as soon as possible. And if other people use them, then they may also get the disease. This disease is also caused by the inaccuracy of the blood. Treat eczema, herpes, itching, treating that place. These diseases are mostly in the rain. Which does not recover quickly after getting worse.


  • Wash and clean the affected area with alum water. Keep on pouring mustard oil on it.
  • Burn the amla gully and add a pinch of alum, coconut oil and keep it in the place of paste.
  • To remove a disorder, stay away from the sour things, chi, chili, spices. Carrot juice is available as long as it is available. Due to the lack of vitamin A, the skin is dry. These dryness increases more in winter. Because of this, drink carrot juice in winter, it is a rich source of vitamin A. Mix juice of beetroot leaves, add lemon juice and apply it.
  • Whatever the skin diseases, continue to wash that place with lemonade. It will be beneficial. Drink lemonade every morning will benefit. Filling alum in the lemon will suffice on the victim’s place.
  • Mix the juice of sandalwood, lemon juice with equal amounts and apply it on the herpes, itching. After shinging, apply blue pistachio, alum, and grind them in the fire, then squeeze the lemon and make the lip and apply on the ribbon, the old shing will also be cured. Rubbing nutmeg, sulfur, honey and juice on lemon juice will benefit.
  • Drink shavings and scabies, boiled lemon juice, honey, celery, and drink it every morning. Shingles will be comfortable in the itch. Grinding tamarind seeds in lemon juice grows in the ring
  • Mix lemon juice with lemon juice and apply it to the scalp and apply it on it. Rinse the lime four times a day and rub the lemon on it.
  • Dry the lemon juice to the chestnut, apply it on the rib, then it will be slightly irritation. Then it will cool down, it will improve the ringworm. Grate the basil leaves with lemon i.e. make chutney and apply it for 15 days continuously. The herpes will be fine.
  • Make basil oil for skin diseases – Take root with a green plant of basil, including root, grind it and extract its juice. Half that Water Put oil and cook it on a light flame, when oil remains, then filter it and fill it in the vial. Oil became. Put it on the white spots. All these cures need patience. It takes time to recover the cause. Neem is a boon in white stains. The closer the treatment of leprosy is to Neem, the more benefit. Neem, neem eat, sleep on neem, sitting under neem, sleeping i.e. people of leprosy stay as close to neem as possible. Sleep on neem leaves, chew its soft leaves, and niboli. Blood will be purified. The skin from the inside will be fine.
  • Neem is an antibiotic itself in itself. Its tree keeps the surrounding atmosphere pure, clean, disinfected. Grate the leaves and mix it with neem oil and grate it on the wound. Grind neem flowers, leaves, niboli and drink it for 40 days, drink it. Leprosy will get relief from diseases. Grind of neem, grind in neem juice, drink and start with a small amount of leprosy, it also cures leprosy.